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accelerated accelerated education

Middle School

accelerated christian education

Introduction of high school concepts

Concepts are broken down into manageable bits, in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and math. Children are able to interact with these concepts as early as grade 4, through to grade 7.

accelerated christian education

Career path

Students are introduced and oriented through different careers available in the job market in grade 7

accelerated christian education


Students are introduced to reading of set books/ resource books all the way from grade 3. They are then trained on how to summarize chapters, identify different stylistic devices they come across as they read the books

accelerated christian education


Cursive is taught and emphasized in languages science and social studies. Students are given an opportunity to practice cursive which becomes very helpful especially when pursuing art and design related projects

accelerated christian education

Report Writing

Students learn how to prepare report outlines, drafts, and final reports in social studies, literature and English. They are also required to type, print and present in class or to a larger group

accelerated christian education


Students get to work on their science and social studies projects, on their own and under the supervision of their parents


The students get to work on projects in various areas of study, on their own under the supervision of their parents

accelerated christian education


Observing the backbone, wings, and legs of a vertebrae (Science)

accelerated christian education


Observing different objects under a microscope( Science)

accelerated christian education


Preparing a family's whole year income and expenses budget (Math)